Thursday, August 10, 2006

Indonesia mental health is the website!!!!

Letter from Totok Wiryasaputra

Charlotte,I am still busy with so many things. I have to do so many trainings lately - due to the earthquake. So manyINGOs also work in Yogyakarta. I have built so many contacts. I hope one of them will turn good - for funds.No week without training, and with volunteer coordination and follow up training I am very busy. Next week, I start consulting for another NGO as a grief expert too - for the next 5months.Even though I don't work for GEP anymore, my life is still going fine. It is not as good as I expected, though. However, ICACO has not received any funds yet. Keep trying. And thanks for your help. Good news though. Even though, GEP HQ has been closed, but GEP Indonesia Division has changed to be anational NGO. And our former main donor - General Electric Foundation is willing to continue its support. Now , I am The Chair of Commissioners of it. So I will not be involved in the daily operations. Now I am still working on my preaching, at 10.30 pm -on this coming Sunday - for my local congregation. PeaceTotok

Please pray for the country and the people there. My friend, Totok Wiryasaputra is training 100 volunteers to do grief and crisis relief work. With more than 100,000 people being homeless from this last earthquake, domestic violence, rape, and suicide may be much higher.I sent a proposal that Totok wrote to Levi Strauss, (refused), but maybe the Clinton (refused), the Bush and then the Carter Foundations as well as others. They have been known to help Indonesia. To find out more, check out and search ICACO. It is difficult to have a healthy baby with domestic violence. Little parts of the world ripple into our is my email.

I received another letter from President Clinton's foundation. Who can help the mental health in a foreign country? Who can help grief, and how can we support Indonesia?