Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Bookcrossings.com is a great way to connect. Sure you can give or sell books, but to connect with someone who might take your book to Sri Lanka, or Canada or across town is fun as all get out!

Ripple effect! The first book I put on Bookcrossings.com was I was an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. He has another book out. I first saw him on C-Spann, and one of the points in this book was the great improvements Indonesia had with roadways, energy systems/grids, and economics because of the US and big corporations. I also found that because of the way things were set up, the country will never be out of enough debt to those corporations to do right by the poor, and only a few reaped benefits and became filthy rich and also got political sway/power. I look forward to the next book recently published by John Perkins.

If you look up David Perkins, you can find ways to boost your IQ!

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